I remember the exact moment it happened. It was one of those rare warm winter days.  Squeals of laughter erupted from under small hooded heads.  A rousing game of a mix of peek-a-boo, hide and seek and tag released that cold weather, pent-up energy.  Raising my camera to my eye, I called out “Hey, girls!  Peek-a-boo!”  Two blonde heads and four blue eyes peeked out from behind the tree, flashing toothy grins.  SNAP!  A quick peak at the back of the camera.  That was it.  That was when I knew I was at the beginning of something wonderful.

Fast forward one year later.  A toddling baby walks by my desk, unsteady feet shuffling through big sisters’ toys on the floor.  Snagging the cord with her chubby legs, the hard drive crashes to the floor.  Gone.  Every image.  Births, first smiles, Baptisms.  Giggles with sisters, heads poking out from behind trees on warm winter days. 

Those two moments have defined my business.  The first, igniting my passion for photography.  The second, inspiring my dedication to providing tangible, lasting memories that cannot be so easily erased. 

Images on your computer can be destroyed, damaged, forgotten.  It is treasured artwork displayed in your home that fills you daily with pride in your family that you work so hard to love and protect.

A few other bits about myself:

  • I’m a finance geek by trade.  Very helpful in running a business.
  • I love to read and cook and bake.  I try to make time for these activities whenever I can.
  • I make lots of lists, I write in bullets and I tend to be a bit sarcastic.  Okay, a lot sarcastic. Please forgive me.

If you want to talk with me about how to honor your family through artwork for your home please contact me here