To the Seniors:

Your senior year of high school can be one of the most exciting times in your life.  You have so many great times in store for you this year, and lots of exciting changes on the way!

Your senior portraits are something special.  With fantastic outfits, flattering posing and your phenomenal smile your photos will not only amaze all your friends but will be something you will treasure forever.  Your input is incredibly valuable to me so if you see something you want just show me and we'll figure out how to make it work for you.  I want you love your pictures and have a fantastic experience taking them.



To the Parents:

(Note: I refer to "her" throughout this text but I work with young men as much - maybe even more! - as I do young ladies.  It's just a heck of a lot easier to write "her" and "she" that "him/her" or "he/she". )

This is such a special time in not only your child's life but yours as well.  She is transitioning from a child to an adult, and her portraits will help you to treasure this time in her life forever.  

My philosophy is that it is incredibly important to have the parent(s) involved in the senior portrait process.  Even though your child is almost out on her own, she still needs and wants the guiding hand of her mother and/or father in this pivotal point in her life.  


Talk to her about what clothing she wants to wear.  Encourage her to pick outfits that reflect her style and capture the person she is today, but yet are flattering and timeless.  Go together to get your nails done or hair fixed the day of the photo session.  Grab a coffee, shoot some hoops or find time for a round of golf and spend some time together before the session talking about what she wants.  Take actions to make this occasion special for both you and her.  Because if you do, I guarantee it will be a memory she'll treasure for the rest of her life -- and perhaps share with her own daughter someday!

My style is fresh and clean, and I will only capture images of your child in a tasteful and classic manner.  If you find my style and philosophy fit yours, I would love the chance to work with your family to create beautiful images that capture your child the way she is now in this amazing transitional time in her life.