Where will my session be held?

All sessions will be held within the Kansas City metropolitan area.  Sessions held in a location more than 30 miles from the Overland Park, KS area will incur an additional charge.

My favorite place to photograph your family is wherever you feel the most comfortable.  I love to shoot in parks and urban settings and other fun outdoor locations because not only does outdoor lighting make for beautiful pictures, but it lets your little ones run around and play and have fun.  And that's what I strive for in all my sessions -- for everyone to have fun!  For the littlest ones we can shoot inside your home or the home of a friend or family to ensure their comfort and safety.    I can also set up my living room as a studio if you feel comfortable with that.  I have many ideas for locations, so don't be afraid to ask!

What should we wear?

First and foremost, wear what you're comfortable in.  We'll be walking around a lot, we'll probably be getting on the ground (and may even get a bit dirty!), and who knows what else I might ask you to do!  So be comfortable in whatever you choose.  

I also ask that you don't stress out about what to wear.  I remember spending hours agonizing over what to dress my kids in for their milestone pictures, and you know what?  Once I looked at the pictures I never saw what they wore, only their beautiful faces.  So please, I ask that you don't make it a big issue.  Save yourself the stress.  If you want to purchase something new, please feel free.  If you don't have the time or means to do so, what you have in your closets will be perfect.

All that said, here are a few guidelines I do recommend:

  • Don't have everyone wear the exact same thing (i.e. navy blue polos and khakis).  Let's be frank -- it's kinda 1980's-ish, and it doesn't add interest or contrast to the picture.
  • Don't have everyone wear white.  I know, it sounds strange, but white is an extremely hard color to photograph well.  Why do you think wedding photographers get paid so much?  :) 
  • Don't wear thin stripes.  It looks really weird, kind of psychedelic.  Unless that's the look you're wanting....
  • Don't wear loud colors (i.e. neon) or large graphics.  They tend to distract from your gorgeous faces.
  • Do try to wear coordinating color palettes.  For example, blue, brown and grey.  Or red, brown and orange.  Or purple, blue and green.  You get the point.  
  • Do wear textures and/or dress in layers.  Think cable knit sweaters or skirts with ruffles.  It adds depth and texture to the pictures.
  • Do call me if you have any questions or need any advice on what to wear.

When will I be able to see my pictures?

I try my best to get the images from your session into a private, password protected gallery within 2 weeks of the session. If it will be longer than that, I'll let you know.   Once I receive your print order, the prints should be ready for delivery within two weeks or so.  And I am known to post some sneak peaks on Facebook or on my blog!  

I purchased digital images. What can I do with them?

If you purchased full-resolution digital images, those are yours to print or share wherever you want, for personal use only (i.e. holiday cards, calendars, collages, etc.)  They are not to be used for commercial purposes or entered into any contests where you make a profit from the image.  All images are property of leeann c. photography and are not to be altered or cropped in any way.  To do so violates the copyright and may subject you to legal action.

You took my pictures a while ago but I need to order more prints.  Can I do that?

Of course!  Just contact me at [email protected] and we'll open your gallery back up, you can choose what images you want prints of, and we'll get them to you ASAP!