If you have done any research on hiring a photographer you might be confused and overwhelmed by the information (or lack thereof) out there.  You can view galleries, see prices lists, and read about how many years of experience someone has.  But that doesn’t explain what exactly you’re getting into if you hire that photographer.  How does it all work?  What do you need to do before the session?  How long will it take after the session to see your images?  How do you place your order?

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like surprises or confusion.  That’s why I want to educate my clients on exactly what to expect when they work with me.  

Before the Session

  • The first step is to look through this website.  Check out my work and the information I provide.
  • If you like what you see then click here to inquire about booking a session.  We will chat over email or phone or even in person.  If we decide that we're a great fit together we will start the ball rolling!
  • We will have discussions through email, on the phone, or in person to discuss date and time, session location and any other help you may need in preparing for your session.  I'm here to help you!





The Session

  • We’ll meet at the location, we’ll move around that location to take photos in several different spots so we can capture different backgrounds and different lighting situations. We’ll do extreme close ups and full-length features and everything in between.  We’ll take individual photos, family photos, sibling photos, dog photos and every other kind of photo you want.  
  • The amount of time this takes depends on what session you book and how long it takes to capture your family's perfect smiles.  But regardless of how much time it takes, we’ll laugh, we’ll joke, we’ll tease, and when we finish, we will high-five each other for a job well done.


After the Session

  • Now it’s my turn to go do some work.  I will take all the images from your session and narrow them down to a perfect quantity – not too few that we lack choice, but not too many that it becomes overwhelming.  I’ll throw out duplicates and the ones that just didn’t turn out quite right (eyes closed, blurry due to movement, etc.)  This is where you have to put some trust in me that I will choose the absolute best images of your family!  (That's why you hired me, right?)
  • Then I will work my magic to perfect those images by making the colors pop, enhancing the contrast, editing out small blemishes, and a few other tricks that a magician never divulges to her audience.  This process could take up to 3 weeks during the busy season.

Viewing and Ordering

  • After the editing is finished I will upload your images to a gallery or will meet you in person to view them online.  You will choose the final digitals included in your package and discuss any other products you need.  Any additional monies due will need to be paid in full at that time.
  • Digital downloads will be made within a day of the final images are chosen.
  • Any additional products ordered will have arrived and will be available for pickup about 2-3 weeks after the ordering session.



Whew!  That’s the process, from start to finish.  I hope this page was informative for you.  I know it is a lot of information, but as I said, I like my clients to be as educated as possible on what they can expect from me.  If you still have questions please do feel free to reach out.  I love answering questions and it helps me to know what you want so that I can provide the best level of service to you!