If you have done any research on hiring a photographer you might be confused and overwhelmed by the information (or lack thereof) out there.  You can view galleries, see prices lists, and read about how many years of experience someone has.  But that doesn’t explain what exactly you’re getting into if you hire that photographer.  How does it all work?  What do you need to do before the session?  How long will it take after the session to see your images?  How do you place your order?

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like surprises or confusion.  That’s why I want to educate my clients on exactly what to expect when they work with me.  



  • The first step is to look through this website.  Check out my work and the information I provide.

  • If you feel we will make a good fit together then click here to inquire about booking a session.  You will receive a few choices for available session times and we’ll find one that works well for both of us.  At this time we will also set up a time for your viewing and ordering session (you’ll read more about this in a bit.)

  • Once we agree upon a date and time, I will send a packet to you via email.  This packet will contain some information sheets for you to fill out, my current price list, some information about how to prepare for your session, and of course the contract.
  • You will fill out the sheets and sign the contract and send them back to me along with payment for the non-refundable retainer (equal to the amount of the session fee). These are due within one week of the date of the email in order to guarantee the session date and time.  After one week if the retainer is not received the date is released for other clients to book.



  • Sometime within the weeks just before the session we will have a consultation to discuss session location, wardrobe, posing and groupings, and the types of artwork you are looking to display in your home.
  • If we hold this in your home I can see the places you are wanting to display your images which will help me tailor our session to ensure we capture perfect images for those spots.  I can also help you with wardrobe decisions if you need any assistance.
  • However we also can choose to have this conversation via phone or at a third party location if that works better for both of our schedules.

After that

  • Finally it's time for the actual session!  Yay! During the session we will have a blast!  We’ll meet at our agreed upon location, we’ll move around that location to take photos in several different spots so we can capture different backgrounds and different lighting situations. 
  • We’ll do extreme close ups and full-length features and everything in between.  We’ll take individual photos, family photos, sibling photos, dog photos and every other kind of photo you may want.  You can change out the wardrobe if you so desire.
  • It will only take about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of members (and ages) in your family.  We’ll laugh, we’ll joke, we’ll tease, and when we finish, we will high-five each other for a job well done.

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Down the road

  • Now it’s my turn to go do some work.  I will take all the images from your session and narrow them down to a perfect quantity – not too few that we lack choice, but not too many that it becomes overwhelming.  Usually around 20 to 30.  I’ll throw out duplicates and the ones that just didn’t turn out quite right (eyes closed, blurry due to movement, aliens photo-bombing, you know – the usual suspects).  You have to put some trust in me during this that I will choose the absolute best images of your family!
  • Then I will work my magic to perfect those images by making the colors pop, enhancing the contrast, editing out small blemishes, and a few other tricks that a magician never divulges to her audience.
  • This usually takes me 2-3 weeks.

So now it's about 2-3 weeks later...

  • After the edits are finished we will meet again for the best part of the whole process -- viewing your final images and placing your order!
  • Your time is valuable, and I know from personal experience that making decisions and placing an order can be an agonizing experience.  This is why I work with you.  My knowledge of my products, how to display them, and my experience in doing this is an invaluable asset to you to help make this a quick and easy process.
  • This ordering session is best held in your home so that we can see where you wish to hang or display the artwork and determine the best sizes and quantities.  The ordering session is not for me to push you into buying things you don’t need or want.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  I want to make sure you are completely happy with everything you purchase and love the way it looks in your home.  The best way to do that is to be there to see exactly what you are wanting so I can provide you with exactly what you need – no more, no less.
  • I will bring examples of my products and sizing samples so we can complete the entire order at that time.  After finalizing what is needed and payment is made, you’re finished!  Online galleries are not available to make decisions after the ordering session, however you can always contact me to place additional orders later if you find you forgot any prints or products you needed.  Won’t it be nice to have all of that completed in just one quick session and not have to agonize over it for weeks?
  • All decision makers must be at this session (i.e. both mom and dad for family sessions, plus the senior for senior sessions) and payment is due in full at the end of the ordering session.
  • The ordering session date and time are scheduled at the same time we book the photo session.
  • You are not required to clean your home before I come over.  In fact, I prefer if it’s messy and dirty. It will make me feel better about the condition of my own home.  I mean it.  Do not make your home the reason you don’t want to hold an in-home ordering session.  I promise I do not judge anyone by the mess in their home.  It would be incredibly hypocritical of me.



We haven't moved on from 2-3 weeks later...

  • Still don’t want to do an in-person ordering session?  Even though I promised you didn’t have to clean your home?  No time?  Don’t need help?  Sigh.  Okay.  Well, I do have to tell you first I will cry, then I will try to get over feeling unloved and useless.
  • Once I’m recovered, I will tell you that you may skip the ordering session through one way only – by pre-purchasing any one of my fabulously designed collections!  Clients who pay in full for a collection before their session will have their in-home ordering session waived.
  • If you choose this option, then once the images are ready for viewing they will be uploaded into a private online gallery for immediate family viewing only.  I will send an email with the gallery link outlining which products were pre-purchased and how many images need to be chosen to fulfill the order.  You choose the images you like best for each product and send the list to me.
  • The gallery will remain open for one week and additional gift prints or other products may be added on at this time as well.  Additional products will need to be paid in full before the order is fulfilled.  As my daughters like to say, “easy peezy lemon squeezy!” 

Almost finished!

  • After all orders have been placed and paid for a separate gallery will be made available for family and friends to order prints for themselves directly through me.  That gallery will remain open for one week.
  • All orders, regardless of in-person or pre-paid, will be will be ready for pickup about 2-3 weeks after final orders have been placed and paid for in full.   
  • I do retain your images for up to one year, so you are always welcome to come back and place additional orders later.  After one year there is a $50 fee to pull the images from the archives.


Whew!  That’s the process, from start to finish.  I hope this page was informative for you.  I know it is a lot of information, but as I said, I like my clients to be as educated as possible on what they can expect from me.  If you still have questions please do feel free to reach out.  I love answering questions and it helps me to know what my clients want so that I can provide even better service to them!